Колёса Abec 11 ReFly 90mm Black 74A

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A big, smooth, tank-like wheel for rolling over everything in its path. Flagship wheel line, fastest controlled slides, predictable.

As of recent years, there has been a drive to produce the fastest and most efficient large wheels for ESK* Electric Skateboards. ABEC 11 has met the demand with the new 90mm Black Superfly longboard skateboard wheel. As we all know, BLACK URETHANE is fast and durable. Most notably is that black wheels look awesome after years of use.

ABEC 11 specially designed Fly Wheel Cores with vents in order to cut weight for improved performance, this allows for the massive amount of urethane to carry itself with all it’s momentum.

These wheels are ready to fly!

Durometer: 74a

Width: 52mm

Contact Patch: 43mm

Lip Profile: Round

Core Placement: Centerset

Wheel Surface: Smooth

Diameter: 90mm

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БрендAbec 11 Wheels
НазначениеКруиз, Даунхилл, Фрирайд
Тип товараколеса для лонгборда
Диаметр90 мм
Жесткость колес74A
Форма губыкруглая

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