Колеса Seismic Alpha 75.5mm

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75.5mm tall x 62.5mm wide ALPHA Wheels
62.5mm running surface • Bearing seat offset 6% • Square outside edge, straight-cut inside edge
7.8 oz. each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

Available in two proprietary formulas –
BlackOps™: ultimate balance of speed and grip • extreme traction fresh • buttery and smooth broken-in • comfortable and predictable
Defcon™: Guinness WR speed • directional slide • long-lasting grip • slow, consistent wear

A giant step forward in race wheel engineering. The Alpha’s stout S-shaped edge profile optimizes lip support, maximizes traction under extreme G’s, and ensures predictable slide initiation and hookup. The running surface features a 0.5mm concave that pre-loads the edges, heightens rebound, and enhances in-slide feedback. The bearing seat is offset 6% for progressive lip engagement and more consistent wear.

The Alpha™ also marks the debut of Seismic’s proprietary Fusion™ core – at 46mm tall x 44mm wide, the largest and most supportive hub ever seen in a wheel this size. Features include a deep “saddle” profile, 8 perpendicular support beams (hollowed-out for lightness and aesthetics), and robust bearing lugs. The Fusion minimizes lateral wheel flex, supercharges edge support, and assures absolute mechanical lock with the urethane. Formed from 85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic – the toughest hub material in the industry.


Durometer: 76A (Mango) 77A (Blue)

Diameter: 75.5 mm

Width: 62.5 mm

Contactpatch: 62.5 mm


Lip: Square

Surface: Non Stone Ground

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Диаметр75.5 мм
НазначениеКруиз, Даунхилл
Форма губыквадратная
Тип товараколеса для лонгборда
Жесткость74A, 76A, 77A, 78A
Жесткость колес78A

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