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I hope word of mouth spreads on how effective this unique mold is. At high speeds, or even just cruising hills, you feel locked in without some aggro concave. There are sweet spots. The fenders are not outrageous, but work for both leverage, and clearance. The deeper center concave with W does a couple of things. It keeps it stiff in all directions, reduces the chance of warping, it locks your heels down on the edges, and the W slides in your instep, so the contours of your foot share the pressure more evenly providing secure traction. All of the features together boost your confidence, and enhance the experience. This is 10 pounds of party in a five pound bag bro!

Size: 37" x 10"
Construction: Maple
Wheelbase: 26.5" - 29"
Concave: Mild
Flex: Medium

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Тип товараЛонгборд дека
Основной материалканадский клен
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