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Amanada Powell is a chick with style, power and creativity, and it is evident that all these characteristics have emerged within the shape of her very own pro model.

Riviera's Mystic Amanda Powell Pro Model Longboard Skateboard is a double kick feeride deck ready to be thrown down any terrain you put in front of it. This 8-ply top mount deck is pressed with Canadian Maple and a little micro-drop which gives comfortable foot platform while keeping your feet locked in during slides. The board has slight drops and flush-mounting truck setup, which means the deck itself will sit lower to the ground, increasing the stability and making it easier to slide and also push around town for commuting. The tail on this deck was specifically designed to have great “pop” when set up with reverse kingpin trucks. You’ll be busting kick flips at the beginning of your run at the next local slide jam on this beast of a freeride deck!

Set up your trucks on the widest wheelbase option and you’ll feel at home flying down any mountain road. A smaller nose allows for nollie tricks without adding too much additional length to the board. If you want a deck that you can shred downhill and freeride, get yourself the new Mystic! We recommend the Mystic Amanda Powell Pro Model Longboard Skateboard with a set of 180 43 degree Paris V2 trucks and a set of 72mm Street Slayers for a freeride deck that can also handle serious speed. If you want something more suited for downhill, try a set of 70mm Divine Road Rippers wheels.

  • Brand: Riviera Skateboards
  • Model / Series: Mystic Amanda Powell Pro
  • Riding Style: Cruising/Carving, Downhill, Freeride, Freestyle
  • Length: 39.25"
  • Width: 9"
  • Shape: Top Mount
  • Construction: 8 ply of maple
  • Wheelbase: 26"
  • Concave: Mellow

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